Develop responsive web apps 5x faster!

A must-have DevTool for all Front-End developers that will make your job easier.

...and it is open-source too! 🎉

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Web Engineering cannot get any easier!


Instant Preview

Preview all target screens in a single window side-by-side.
Brings down your development time!


Developer First

Use your already-familiar dev-tools from the browser.
No additional learning curve!


Open source

Lets improve it together!
Your contributions are welcome here.

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It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is Time.

- Steve Jobs

So let's use it wisely. 😎

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Mirrored Interactions

Any click, scroll or navigation that you perform in one device will be replicated to all devices in real-time.

Customizable Layout

Customize the arrangement of the devices to suit your every need.

Awesome Elements Inspector

Inspect any element in any device with just one click. No Hassle!

Extensive Built-in Device Profiles

Has 30+ built-in device profiles covering all major devices. You can even add new custom device profiles as you like.

One-Click Screenshot

Get instant feedback on the pages that you develop with the powerful screenshots tool. Take full page screenshot of all devices or a specific device with just a single click!

Hot-Reloading Supported

Does your development server support Hot-Reloading? Then we do too! Hot-Reload all devices in real-time for every save.

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Browser Extension

Install the handy browser extension to easily send links from your browser to the app and preview instantly.

Download for FirefoxDownload for Chrome Download for Edge

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