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Exciting News: Responsively App partners with BrowserStack to bring real device testing to your workflow

Responsive web development just got even more powerful with the new partnership between Responsively App and BrowserStack. We're thrilled to announce this collaboration that brings seamless real device testing to your workflow. With just a click of a button, you can now test your web designs and projects on actual devices, making cross-browser compatibility a breeze.

Why Cross-Browser Testing Matters

In today's digital landscape, the sheer diversity of devices and browsers is staggering. There are thousands of devices with different screen sizes and operating systems, along with a multitude of browsers and browser versions. As web developers or designers, it's our responsibility to ensure that our web projects work seamlessly on all these platforms. Failure to do so can lead to user experience issues, such as UI problems, low-resolution displays, and sluggish performance, which can tarnish your reputation and impact your revenue.

This is where cross-browser testing becomes indispensable. By thoroughly testing your website or web app on a variety of browsers and devices, you can identify and resolve compatibility issues, ensuring a consistent and satisfying user experience across the board.

The Responsively App and BrowserStack Partnership

This partnership promises to elevate your web development and design game by integrating real device testing seamlessly into your development workflow. Here's what you can expect:

Real Device Testing with a Click

With the click of a button, you can initiate real device testing using BrowserStack directly from the Responsively App. This means that, while you're building and optimizing your web project in Responsively App, you can instantly verify how it performs on actual devices across different browsers.

More Trial Minutes

To sweeten the deal further, BrowserStack is offering Responsively App users an exclusive benefit. You'll enjoy 3 times more trial minutes for your first session to thoroughly explore the powerful capabilities of BrowserStack's platform. This extended trial allows you to experience the full potential of real device testing without any limitations.

How to Get Started

Enabling this game-changing integration is a straightforward process:

  1. Download the latest version of Responsively App.
  2. Launch Responsively App and carry on with your development workflow.
  3. Whenever you want to do the real device testing on a device, click on the BrowserStack Icon in the device toolbar. Screenshot of the toolbar
  4. This will open up a live BrowserStack device session for the respective device.

Sign in to your BrowserStack account or create one if you haven't already.

About BrowserStack

BrowserStack gives you instant access to 20,000+ real devices spread across 19 global data centers. The app and browser testing platform helps dev teams deliver quality at speed and move fast by creating wonderful experiences for every customer.

Try BrowserStack for free and experience the power of real device testing.